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More than 9 hours spent on dev work so far in this dohackathon

Last modified 2020-12-19 19:10 SGT

I don't want to write a lot today. Just want to update how I have been spending my time on this #dohackathon. More updates next time.

Time spent thus far πŸ•’

For first-time reader, this is the section where I explicitly share the time spent. This is to set realistic expectations for readers and myself.

Total time so far: 12.95 hr
Dev work so far: 9.1 hr
Writing so far: 3.85 hr

Date Work Time
2020-12-19 Saturday Writing 0.1 hour
2020-12-19 Saturday Dev work 0.5 hour
2020-12-18 Friday Dev work 0.1 hour
2020-12-17 Thursday Dev work 1.25 hour
2020-12-16 Wednesday Writing 1.25 hour
2020-12-15 Tuesday Dev work 2.25 hour
2020-12-14 Monday Dev work 1.5 hour
2020-12-13 Sunday Writing 0.5 hour
2020-12-13 Sunday Dev work 2 hour
2020-12-12 Saturday Writing 2 hour
2020-12-12 Saturday Dev work 1.5 hour

2020-12-19 Saturday

  1. Separate requirements.txt into base.txt, local.txt, and production.txt (0.5 hr)
  2. Write up time spent (0.1 hr)

2020-12-18 Friday

  1. Make code changes to include the github provider using allauth (0.1 hr)

2020-12-17 Thursday

  1. Try out the DO support suggestion on how to customize the dockerfile_path. Failed πŸ›‘
  2. Install django-allauth in preparation to add github login to my app. Success βœ…
  3. Try out the theory on using doctl to update the app sec and success
  4. Total spent is (1.25 hr)

2020-12-16 Wednesday

  1. Write a 3rd post in the series in DEV (1.25 hr)

2020-12-15 Tuesday

  1. Add a frontpage app, static, and staticfiles folder in codebase to experiment (1.25 hrs)
  2. Make the landing page to work finally (1 hr)

2020-12-14 Monday

  1. Work on environment variables and gunicorn successfully. Fail to get the admin page up though (1.5 hrs)

2020-12-13 Sunday

  1. Trying out Nate suggestion involving Docker and Django on DOAP (0.5 hrs)
  2. Writing second post on DEV (0.5 hrs)
  3. Trying out the codefresh example as suggested by Dikshith (1 hr)
  4. Wrote a new ticket and purchased a managed DB cluster on DigitalOcean (0.25 hr)

2020-12-12 Saturday

  1. Trying out how to deploy from GitHub to DOAP and other engineering stuff (1.5 hrs)
  2. Writing on DEV and figuring out how to write in DEV (2 hrs)

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