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How do you track software feature requirements?

I believe we all agree that communication is a weak point of software development in a team and with management.

I think a software for making decisions on features (or more generally
requirements), commenting on the options how to do it and some mean of agreeing on would be pretty useful. It should also track all additional changes, lets not be naive :)

With a history, people who were out of the project for some time would catch-up easily. Also It could prevent some of the complains that something was made while not matching ideas from someone's head.

If done simply, even small teams could benefit from it. The team would have documented options how to implement something and a reason why they chose one.

My questions is: Does something like this exist? Are you happy with general-purpose tools like text-documents, wikis, mind maps, excel or whatever for this purpose?

Thanks for sharing!

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Tanja Lichtensteiger

Don't think it's specific for your requirements, but at work I use Atlassian's Confluence, which we have brought on prem (no reason not to use the cloud version, but it just made sense when looking at the licensing cost for us).

Confluence allows you to create product requirement pages, which then all our developers comment on with options, building threads of conversations and linking to gliffy diagrams of their proposals.

A free option that is perhaps similar but against issue tickets would be Redmine. I have used redmine historical tickets as refences to documentation before, but it has a wiki feature that I found very useful for team communication.