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DevOps Maturity Assessment — PDF Checklist To Print

What Is Your Company DevOps Adoption Level?

How well are you doing DevOps?

This is going to be short.

When you mean DevOps — you should not ask ‘IF’, better ask ‘HOW’. Doing DevOps is no longer a differentiator in itself. You have to do it better than your competitors which requires improving key capabilities. This is an incredibly complex and case-specific task.

To make it easier, together with my colleagues I have prepared a list of 29 KEY QUESTIONS you can use to gauge the maturity of your company's software delivery competency.

You can PRINT it and USE at your DevOps team meeting to better understand your needs.

Click the link to grab your checklist:

What Is Your Company DevOps Adoption Level?

And feel free to share it.

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