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New: Improved site navigation

We recently added a new navigation feature to Simple Dev called module navigation. With our new module navigation, links to related tutorials will appear on the right side of the tutorial you're currently viewing (or on the bottom if you're viewing the site on a smartphone).

For example, if you're currently looking at a tutorial on a CSS selector, you will see all of the other tutorials on CSS selectors on the side of the screen, like in the picture below:

Alt Text

This makes it easier to jump around related tutorials.

What's a module?

Currently, we group related tutorials into what we call Topic pages. We have Topic pages for HTML, CSS, Git, and many other topics. The modules for the topic are the subsections listed on the Topic page. For example, the CSS Topic page has the following modules: Introduction, Syntax, Values, Properties, and Selectors, as well as a few others.

Some modules only contain one tutorial at the moment, but most contain several tutorials.

Moving between modules

If you want to move between different modules, you have a couple of options. The easiest thing to do is to click on the Topic link that is listed on the top of each tutorial to go back to the main Topic page. There you can see all of the modules and all of the tutorials in that topic.

Alternatively, if you're at the first or last tutorial in a module, you can use the Next and Previous navigation links at the bottom of the tutorial to get to the next or previous module (if there is one).


As always, if you want to find information even faster, you can always use our powerful search feature to instantly find any tutorial on the site.

Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments below!

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