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New: Exercises on Simple Dev!

We recently created downloadable exercises to go along with the tutorials on Simple Dev. We created exercises for the HTML, Markdown, CSS, Bootstrap 4, and JavaScript sections. The goal here is to let users practice coding skills inside their text editor.

You can find the exercises by visiting the Topic pages above. You can find a link to download the exercises in the Summary section.

The exercises are hosted on GitHub. You can download them by clicking the green Code button and selecting Download ZIP. You can then extract the files into a new folder and then open that folder in your favorite text editor.

Each tutorial has its own exercise folder, and the exercise folders are grouped into sections. Each exercise folder has its own README file that contains the instructions for what to do.

This is still a new feature on Simple Dev, so we'd appreciate any feedback you have. You can fill out our feedback form if you have comments, questions, or suggestions on this feature.

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