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Simple Dev Improvements

We've been making several changes to Simple Dev recently. Our overarching goal with these changes is to make the site better for beginners (although intermediate developers may still benefit from these changes as well).

All of these changes are still ongoing, so you can expect to see more in the future. Read on to learn more.

Downloadable exercises

The biggest change is that we've created downloadable exercises to go with our tutorials. This will make it easier to practice your coding skills with our tutorials. We've created exercises for most sections so far and will finish creating exercises for the other sections soon.

More Pens

We've added Pens from CodePen to tutorials that were missing them before, including our JavaScript and Markdown tutorials.

More screenshots

We've added more screenshots to different tutorials on the site. We especially focused on adding relevant screenshots to our VS Code tutorials.

More info

We've been adding more info to our tutorials to make them more beginner-friendly, especially our JavaScript tutorials. Now you can learn how to write the code and have a better understanding of what it means.

VS Code Tips

We've started including VS Code Tips directly inside our HTML, CSS, and other tutorials where possible. This makes it easier to learn how to quickly generate tags, properties, values and more and become a more productive developer. (We still have a separate VS Code Tips section as well for tutorials on productivity and customization.)

Minor changes

Rearranged Path

The Path has been rearranged. We've divided the first set of tutorials into Text Editors 1, Web 1, Text Editors 2, and Web 2. Since we're focused on teaching VS Code now, the Atom sections have been moved to the bottom as bonus sections. Bootstrap also comes before JavaScript now.


We created some simple projects to cap off our HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap sections. We hope to add more projects in the future.


We hope you enjoy these changes we've made to Simple Dev, especially those of you just starting out on your coding journey. If you have any feedback, leave a comment below!

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