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My Programming Journey To Frontend Dev.

I hope this writing could be an inspiration to someone.

Hi, I'm Confidence, a frontend Developer from Nigeria.
I decided to become a frontend developer about 1 year ago after I started learning about Web Development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
The reason I chose to become a Frontend Developer despite having interest in being a Fullstack Developer as well is that I enjoy seeing the result of my works immediately and I am quite interested in beautiful UI/UX as well.
Before entering the web territory, I think I have had quite a long story about how I even got myself into the programming world in the first place.

High School

Mathematics lover

During my years in high school, I had a dream goal of getting into The Top Rank in the National Mathematics in the year 2006.
I spent all my free time studying maths just for that competition and that made me a mathematics lover and it improved my critical thinking.

After High School

Clueless about future goal

I barely knew anything related to what I want to become in the future. Due to the lack of information, I chose to study
Civil Engineering as it is quite a common major for a student who is good at maths to choose.
During my studies in the universities, there was a compulsory course about computer programming (introduction to programming) (ECE 281) using python language. The course introduced me to a lot of stuffs I don't really know back then and it somehow opened the door for me.
However, after that course, I only understand that there is a programming language called python, nothing more nothing less.

My first line of Code

After hanging out with a few computer science friends of mine during my National youth Service corps (NYSC) year, I started my first line of code ( using notepad editor) while trying to make a simple landing page.
I started out as I was really curious about how people build Apps by that time, but eventually I got hooked into the world of programming without knowing it myself. Later on, I kept finding myself spending more and more time learning different things related to programming.

Into the real-world development

what keeps me going

After I finally have solidated the foundation in javascript, I started building web Applications. Since I like seeing the result of my work immediately, building web Applications really encourages me to learn to code much better than just learning the basics.
While building web Applications, I have learned to understand how an application is built with separated pieces.

It is mostly composed of UI (frontend). As a frontend developer, I spent most of the time implementing the UI look of the app and fetching data from API to use in the App. That's also when I've first learned about API. At first, I was not sure how the API really works at all. All I knew was that I could retrieve data from it and use it in my application.


where it all started again

I started off with the thought of wanting to use JavaScript framework to make my journey progressive and smoother, but what got me hooked was to decide on which framework that has more future.
That's when I got introduced to React.js 3 weeks ago by DevC Enugu internship.
I chose React as the web framework (well, React is basically a library) not because of any specific reason. It was just because it was pretty popular than the others.
However, for the past 3 weeks the more I learn about React and use it, the more I like about it.

what I have learned from React.js

  • How to create a react boilerplaite.
  • How to use functional and class Components in react.
  • How to update state using setState etc.

Ending thought

keep on learning.

First of all if you read this far, thanks for reading. This is my very first post so I hope you enjoyed it.

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