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Flutter TODO app series! Introduction

👋 Everyone

Welcome to the series! I'm Darshan from CodeVengers and in this series, we are going to make a TODO app using Flutter, Firebase and Riverpod.

About The Project

Let me give you a brief overview of the project. In the project, we are going to make a 3 screen app. For each screen, I will cover how to look at the design and later we are going to build it. Then we will proceed to work on the backend with Cloud Firestore and Firebase Auth using Riverpod for state management.

Login TODO Screen
Login Page TODO Screen
In this screen, we have login with google or skip login which will register the user as anonymous. The user's tasks are listed over here. The user can see their tasks by specifying the date.
Add/Update Task
Update remove
In this screen, the user will add or update their Tasks.

Learning Something New Is Good!

For those who don't know what Riverpod is, it is a state management option that has a lot of similarities with Provider (our good old friend) as both are developed by the same person that is Remi Rousselet, so learning it would be a breeze if you already know Provider. You can go through the amazing documentation and Robert Brunhage has made an awesome video to explain all the different providers in Riverpod.

Yes, You Can Watch Videos!

These articles are complementary to our YouTube series so if you like to see the videos then you can consider subscribing to our channel as we are planning to not only bring Flutter but also tutorials on other technologies.

Thanks for reading, if you wish you can also join our community on Discord.

See you soon! 👋 Happy Fluttering.

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