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Should I #DockerAllTheThings?

Jason St-Cyr
Dad, Blogger, Speaker, Head of Developer Advocacy @Sitecore , and Stopper of Slapshots. Opinions expressed are my own, of course.
Originally published at on ใƒป2 min read

A while back I was in a discussion about whether there was a benefit for all organizations to adopt Docker. I was of the opinion that there are scenarios where it just wasnโ€™t a fit. The more I thought about this, the more I realized that the benefits are always there, but some organizations have some issues they have to work out first before they can start reaping those benefits.

When you start looking into containers and their benefits you may come to the conclusion that "this would not work here". Maybe thatโ€™s right. Are you sure?

You need to ask yourself why that is. Why is it that your organization cannot benefit from container tech? Perhaps thereโ€™s an underlying issue that needs to be addressed first, like a lack of priority on infrastructure automation. Or a lack of a DevOps culture. Or any number of things. Ultimately, there is one thing I believe is true:


If you are struggling with your digital transformation, suddenly deciding to Kuberneti-All-The-Dockers is not going to solve that.

(I have decided that Kuberneti is the verb form)

I put together some key benefits of containers for organizations up on, as well as the challenges you might face and how to tackle them:

Are Docker and Kubernetes the right fit for my team?

Following the article is a good series by my colleague Rob Earlam (@RobEarlam) that can help you get started with Docker:

I'd love to hear back your thoughts on this and how I could make this better!

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