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Sitecore 10 highlights

With the release of Sitecore 10 there are enhancements and innovations that help create efficiencies for both Marketing and IT teams – providing tools that help teams launch and evolve unique experiences that drive successful engagements.

“With Sitecore 10.0, the focus has been on new innovations for usability, accelerated time to market, and improved performance with features for both Marketing and IT.

Everything brands need to deliver experiences is in a fully-integrated solution–allowing brands to work more efficiently.

IT and Marketing can align timelines to accelerate customer experience success by using everything from container infrastructure orchestration to integrated data and marketing functionality. Brands can also evolve experiences quickly based on contextual insights through Horizon and deploy data-informed updates or new experience elements faster than ever before.”


Now let’s take a look at what’s in the box!

Benefits for Developers, DevOps, and IT

In this release, technology teams are really going to see enormous changes in the new options that they have to deliver solutions more rapidly.

Faster time to market through exciting new delivery options

Sitecore already offers a lot of delivery flexibility, but some of the areas where we have really been hearing a lot of feedback are in the topics of container infrastructures, headless development for .NET developers, ASP.NET Core support, and better serialization tooling.

Support for Docker, Kubernetes, and new Sitecore-provided image repositories

Docker whale 'Moby' logo
Delivery teams now have a way to move to a continuous delivery model even more easily with infrastructure-as-code deployments and more efficient solution and team onboarding. All as additional choices to our existing deployment options.

New ASP.NET Core SDK and headless rendering host architecture

ASP.NET Core logo
Developers have a new way of building their solutions, on ASP.NET Core. Working headlessly, similar to JSS, this new development option allows faster development iterations and also lets developers work with the latest and greatest .NET technology.

New serialization tools

Sitecore CLI or Sitecore for Visual Studio
There are also new tools for technical teams to automate content sharing and deployment using the new Sitecore CLI and Sitecore for Visual Studio plugin. These additions allow you to work better as a team on the content that drives your development.

Want to know more?

Dive into the details for the technical team in the “deep-dive” article Sitecore 10 benefits for Developers, DevOps, and IT!

Benefits for the Content and Marketing teams

While a lot of the big changes in the release address technology delivery, there are several new enhancements that allow content and marketing teams to quickly evolve experiences and have a better flow with their existing tools.

Evolve unique experiences quickly

Sitecore’s existing marketing and content authoring capabilities are still there, but new changes have been introduced to make it even easier to make the changes you need, connect with customers, and protect customer data privacy.

Do more with Horizon

Screenshot from Horizon editor in Sitecore 10 showing new field editor interface for metadata.
Horizon was the new editing interface introduced in the Sitecore 9 series, but its capabilities have been expanded to allow you to work with more of your existing sites, especially larger solutions that have multiple languages and multiple sites.

Improved content authoring flows

Diagram indicating work from multiple channels coming to a desk
Content strategists and authors have a few changes to help them with their authoring workflow. For those teams authoring offline in Microsoft Word, there is better support for bringing that content into Sitecore’s editing interface. For teams adopting the practice of modeling content in Content Hub, there is now a better integration that supports field types and taxonomy to allow more of your Content Hub content to transition into the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Connect with customers

Arrows pointing between two people indicating 'connection'
The digital marketing capabilities have been improved to deliver new ways for marketing teams to get started faster, get deeper insights, and also integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in realtime. Some highlights for the marketing crew:

  • Audience-based analytics insights
  • CMS-only personalization
  • Marketing automation around customer birthdays
  • New email layout templates

Support your data privacy compliance journey

Picture of many digital keys
For organizations on their data privacy compliance journey, there are now easier ways to enforce and manage consent choices, as well as new support for anonymization of personal information submitted via Sitecore Forms. This allows you to better meet the needs of privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Want to know more?

Dive into the details for the marketing team in the separate deep-dive article titled Sitecore 10 benefits for Content Strategists and Digital Marketers

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