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#The most effective way to utilize the LinkedIn

The most effective way to utilize the LinkedIn

   Since LinkedIn has multiple functions, there is more than one way to answer this question depending on what purpose you want to utilize the platform for. Many people use it for exploring the jobs market and making themselves visible to potential employers. But my expertise is in using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation, and so I’m going to talk about the most effective ways to do that.
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LinkedIn is an incredible tool for lead generation – there are millions of decision-makers regularly using the platform. But it is still relatively underused for lead generation given the massive potential for great leads it offers.
I’ve found that it’s important to conduct multiple activities on LinkedIn to really make the most of it and get those great leads rolling in. Here’s what I recommend:
Smarten yourself up. Imagine you were going for a face-to-face meeting with a client. You’d dress fairly smartly, probably, and behave in a professional manner. Think of your LinkedIn profile in the same way – with lots of people clicking on it to ‘meet’ you, it needs to look good and showcase you as trustworthy and authoritative. Use a professional looking photo, and make sure all your text is spelled correctly. Keep your details up to date.
Work your network. Hopefully you’ve already got a few contacts in the industry you’re focusing on. As well as assessing them as potential leads, look at their networks. Do they have second or third-degree connections you could reach out to?
Exercise quality control. You don’t need to get in touch with everyone you can find on LinkedIn – you’re looking only for qualified leads. This means people in your target vertical, where your product or service is a good fit for their companies. The contacts should be senior enough to be able to make decisions on purchasing, and the company they work for should be of a size that it has the budget to pay your fees. Finally they should be ready to become a customer in the near future, although if you think someone might be a great lead in, say, a year’s time, you can always set a reminder to get back in touch.
It’s personal. When you’ve made the connections and are ready to send a message, don’t just cut and paste the same spiel to ping off to everyone. Include their name, and something about their business to show that you’re taking a real interest in what they do. Yes, you can use the same rough template to start with, but optimise it to suit each recipient. People don’t make deals with spammers, and bad behaviour in this area could see you lose your LinkedIn privileges altogether.
Stay active. When you’re using LinkedIn to find leads, it’s important to keep yourself top of mind in your network by making regular updates. Post original, engaging content that will really establish you as an authority in your niche. Take the time to check out the content your potential leads are posting too, using likes and shares to show them you are taking an interest.
I honestly believe that LinkedIn is one of the most rewarding tools out there for lead gen, and I hope it helps you too!

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