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Quantum Computing Summer School has been great!

I've posted a little on Hashnode, but I want to crosspost between and Hashnode. Thankfully, I found a wonderful tool from a Hashnode user to do just that. It's not currently working for me to crosspost from Hashnode to, so I'm now trying the other way around!

I'm attending QubitxQubit's Quantum Computing Summer School held in partnership with IBM. I'm attending it through Bergen Community College, which paid the tuition! I'm a total beginner and the summer school has been structured in such a way that learning has been incredibly easy to do and hasn't been stressful.

This week, we learned about circuits and we did Python coding in the lab section. After four hours of the school today after having not slept last night, I'm in a superposition of being awake and being asleep!

The school will run until August 6th and at the end of it, I'll get a nice certificate from IBM to display on Credly. Next week, we'll get into the mathematics of it all!

I'm going to admit that all the people constantly typing into the chat is overwhelming for me. It's nothing that I can't handle, though.

Edit: I've deleted my crossposted post on Hashnode. Crossposting from to Hashnode resulted in a post on Hashnode that didn't look too elegant. If I want to crosspost in the future, I believe that I'll use a paid solution.

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