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The Journey Begins

"A long time a ago in a Galaxy far away begun a Journey to create a group of Coding Jedi with extra ordinary skills and regain the Balance in the Force."

But to become a Jedi we need a Jedi master like Master Yoda πŸ™πŸ™, who will teach us the secret lessons of code and life, but unfortunately all masters are gone a long ago πŸ˜” leaving behind their knowledge in the form of books πŸ“š, so that the people like you and me πŸ‘¬ can find those books and follow the journey to become a Coding Jedi.

So, the plan is to read at least three books of different categories every month.
The list of categories and books is on github here,

We will not only read about the coding books but also the books which teaches us philosophy, meaning of life and wisdom, so that we truly become The Jedi.

I will also try to write Important takes from the books in the form of summary, so the folks who doesn't time can also make use of our journey.

I will be doing the research on good books and add them in list, you all can also suggest and contribute the list of books and summary.

Follow along and remember,

Do or Do Not, There is No Try. – Master Yoda


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