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6 IoT Business Solutions for Oil and Gas {Infographics}

Irrespective of upstream, midstream or downstream, the challenges of oil & gas industry are rising with each passing day. These challenges are all regarding productivity, safety and transparency of their operations. Reducing these challenges will eventually increase their profit and enhance their operations to the max. The topmost challenge business faces is how to execute IoT for increasing revenues.
For reducing the aforementioned challenges, oil & gas industry must unleash the full potential of present-day technology, IoT in its operations. This info graphic will help oil & gas industry to enhance their operations effectively.

Business Solutions for Oil and Gas

IoT Solutions for Oil & Gas industry

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Excellent Article!

Most offshore oil and gas production is done in comparatively ultimate environments where there are few existing communication networks available, which makes monitoring temperatures, pressures, flow rates, and other characteristics difficult and costly. When it comes to offshore in the oil and gas industry, analyzing pipelines was a challenge as most of the equipment is below sea level. As geolocation came into reality with the rig monitoring system, with the help of IoT sensors one can trace the real-time location of workers and can alert them, for example, do not enter into the specific areas/danger zone (

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