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Back to drawing

I think I wrote a comment here explaining how drawing helped me be a better programmer. And it has the additional benefits of being a hobby outside coding. While you can be creative as a programmer, those moments can be rare and most of the time, you're just redoing the same thing every day.

I left drawing when I decided to learn to program full time. I was going through university and I couldn't handle the lectures, learning to code and drawing at the same time (gotta rest). I don't regret my decision as I'm now working full time as a programmer in a country where finding a good job is a rarity.

Why I'm going back? Programming can be a very taxing activity mentally. Often, at the end of the days, I don't have any energy to spend on my own personal projects. And I don't really like spending my evening in front of the TV. I do sometimes read, but it requires the same amount of concentration (I read high fantasy stuff like The Malayan Book of the Fallen). So I chose to draw because, while it requires some level of concentration, it's more about eye-hand coordination than abstract thinking. And that fits perfectly my needs of low-key activity to do in my free time (And I think it's a good thing to have another marketable skill).

And what about you? Any activities you like to do to get away from the programming world? Please share in the comments.

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Running and Piano, they both have a calming effect.