Inner Peace Gratitude Journal : Embracing privacy and security through decentralized technology.

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The debate about privacy has been growing everyday. With new revelations coming from all sides, one cannot help but imagine how every social transaction which we do is being put to use by someone for someone or something. Data is one of the prerequisites for better and enhanced decision making, but the important question is what kind of that should or can be harvested and whether the data that is being utilised is taken after seeking permission from the owner.

Different kinds of data are being used and harvested everyday. The amount of time we spend on a particular page, places we visit, facial data, interactions we have, the topics we discuss, etc. They are analysed, grouped and utilised mainly for precision targeting of all sorts of things. It is in this realm that one wonders how the data collected by mental health apps is being treated. Like all data points, these apps would also be collecting data for improving their delivery, enhancing user-experience. But as a user, will one be comfortable if someone sees or harvests the personal journal entry that one makes. It is a delicate question as unlike many other kinds of data, a journal entry is very intimate thing and many users would like to believe that it is private and it is not being watched by others. It is precisely on this premise that an dapp like Inner Peace is founded.

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Inner Peace dapp is a gratitude journal built on Blockstack platform. Inner Peace combines the twin worlds of blockchain and mental health. The idea is to take the users into the journey of mental health with a guarantee that their data is not misused. It leverages blockchain technology to ensure that users are assured that no one is misusing or snooping into their personal space.

People use such journals for liberating themselves and to feel better about themselves. In such a situation, it becomes all the more important to give them the additional assurance that their data will never be used without their consent. And consent here does not mean a tick mark on some online form which most people tick invariably. When people assured about their entries, it adds a lot more to the overall contentment that they derive from posting their views on an everyday basis.

This space is going to be buzzing a lot more in the coming months as the combination of mental health and blockchain is sure to attract many.


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