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Blockstack Dapps 2020

skywalker profile image Anakin ・2 min read

The Blockstack ecosystem had launched the app mining program 12 months ago. App mining encourages app developers to work on blockstack ecosystem. It is a kind of reward mechanism where in the developers who contribute to the growth of blockstack ecosystem get rewarded in Stacks (STX) tokens. The apps are ranked every month based on their performance in select parameters decided by Blockstack PBC and these metrics are measured by independent reviewers who are brought on board by Blocstack PBC. Many interesting apps have come out during this period. Some of the interesting apps are

Graphite offers document editing and collaboration tools, file storage and sharing tools, form builders and analysis, contact management, and team management.

Contakts is a decentralized web app that allows you to store your contact details on the decentralized web.

Mumble is a privacy focus chat app that empowers communities by bringing like minded people together to share, discuss and empower each other through encrypted communication.

Visual Bookmarks web app is a decentralized alternative to Pocket that makes it quick and easy to collect and re-discover pages you find useful, interesting or inspiring, in a beautiful, visual and fully searchable personal library.

DECS is a all-in-one Workspace to manage code snippets and protect sensitive data

Envelop facilitates sharing private files easily, without losing their ownership

My Feelings is a decentralized mood tracker that helps you keep pace with your emotions

Airtext allows users to create their own decentralized blog

With the end of 2019, app mining program completes a good 12 months of interesting experiment. The ranking has evolved based on the feedback provided by the blockstack ecosystem. As a metric for assessing the relevance of Blockstack in the larger scheme of things, the key factor in the year 2020 will be how many of the dapps built on Blockstack can actually go on to become mainstream and attract a mass adoption.

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David Yap

Are you available to write for an article for Mumble?

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Hi, Dcasso is also a Blockstack app. We just launched for 2 months but it's widely loved by users in and outside of Blockstack community. Please check it out.

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Unfortunately, Graphite is no longer a Blockstack app