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Meet Developers where they are and build inclusive developer communities

Theme of the week:
How integral is "community" in Developer Relations?

For the first episode of 2021, we are joined by a great friend, Leandro Margulis.
Community is all about people coming together and working together. But, do you really need to build your own community?
We talked about this with Leandro and also about several Developer Relations and community topics:

  • What he loves most in Developer Relations
  • How integral is "community" in Developer Relations
  • Tactics to make your community more welcoming - and hence more inclusive
  • Do you need to build a community?
  • Meeting developers where they are
  • The future of Developer Relations

Listen to this episode to meet developers where they are and make your community welcoming.

Let’s talk Data

This is the graph we discuss with Leandro: Ranking of reasons for adoption.
Trends page now has a new look and fresh graphs! Make sure to check it out.

Leandro Margulis is the VP of Developer Relations at UnifyID. He is an entrepreneurial leader with strong Business Development experience, effective sales and marketing skills used to launch new products and businesses. Leandro sits at the intersection between business and product, thinking creatively about product and partnerships to fulfil the customer's use case. Leandro is the customer's advocate internally and the company's advocate externally. Prior to joining Unify ID, Leandro led Developer Relations at TomTom. In this role, Leandro led a global, multidisciplinary team including Sales, Marketing, Product Marketing and Developer Portal engineers with the mandate to build the developer community around TomTom Maps APIs.

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