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Moving from startups to global companies with Max Katz from IBM

Happy New Year!

Trick question of the week:
How different is practising developer marketing at a startup vs at one of the world’s largest companies?

For our guest in this episode, it’s like moving to another country. Under the Hood of Developer Marketing is back in 2020 with a new episode that touches several subjects from a heavyweight in the field: Max Katz.

Max walks us through the lessons learned, the KPIs, the priorities that changed along the way as he moved from a startup to leading the developer advocacy program and a big team at IBM.

A great, all-inclusive episode you'll love, to kick-off the new year!

Listen to the episode here.

Max Katz is the Program Director for Developer Advocacy at IBM. He leads a team of Developer Advocates, together they provide developer education in NA West region.

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