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Developer Marketing does not exist with Adam Duvander

Theme of the week:
Does developer marketing exist?

I know what you are thinking: what kind of a question is that?
Especially after 30 podcast episodes under that title!
You are right. Developer marketing does exist and is in fact the great challenge and mystery we are trying to explore in this podcast series.

The question is inspired by today's guest Adam Duvander., who makes a valid argument:
What we do, in our effort to empower and help developers move forward is not really "marketing". And that's a valid point.
Adam Duvander joined us and we discussed:

  • Developer marketing
  • Why developer marketing is not marketing and what he loves most about it
  • His biggest challenge
  • Designing a developer marketing strategy
  • Content
  • Community
  • Events and more!

Listen to this episode to better understand developer marketing:

Let’s talk Data
This is the graph we discuss with Adam: How developer program leaders segment their audience.

Alt Text

Adam Duvander helps developers be productive and creative. Call it "developer marketing" if you must, he works with the best developer-focused companies through his consulting practice. He has held full-time roles at API juggernauts Zapier, SendGrid, and ProgrammableWeb (where he served as the first editor). Before that, he wrote the book on map scripting and covered developer topics for Wired.

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