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How the API community can be more inclusive with Claire Barrett

Theme of the week:
Why and how can the API community be more inclusive?

Inclusivity is key. Allowing more people to join a community and interact with it, network and find and offer help. More diverse communities have more voices heard and can drive progress.

In this episode, we are joined by Claire Barrett, Director at APIfirst consulting and Global leader of the Women In APIs.

We discuss:

  • What she loves most about her work with Women in APIs and their strategic priorities
  • If and why we need a more diverse API community
  • The challenges for someone joining the API community
  • What we can do to encourage a more diverse audience to join it
  • The importance of balance and diversity within engineering teams and how can team leaders encourage it
  • The evolution of APIs in the future
  • Opportunities and challenges due to the pandemic

Listen to this episode to see how we can build more inclusive and diverse communities in APIs and tech.

Let’s talk Data
This is the graph we discuss with Claire: How developer marketing and relations leaders segment their audience.

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