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QnA: I am planning to learn a JavaScript framework. So should I stick with vanilla js or typescript?

sleeplessyogi profile image Sleepless Yogi ・2 min read

Excellent question.

JavaScript language is getting more popular by the day as the world is moving on to the browsers and mobile.

If you want to succeed as a JavaScript developer, I highly highly recommend you to get your vanilla fundamentals super clear.

JavaScript language is notorious in that it is so easy to just start using it and creating stuff with it - but, it's a little tricky to use it correctly.

So, it's very important you know the concepts like how "this" works in JavaScript, or what are closures, why is hoisting important. The list is long.

JavaScript closures made super easy

Once you know the fundamentals of vanilla javascript, then I would encourage you to learn the importance of types in JavaScript applications. You wouldn't be able to justify the importance of TypeScript if you are not sure why you need them in the first place.

Simplified explanation of 'this' keyword in JavaScript

And, then when you have enough understanding about all the above - you should take up a JS framework and start building applications. You can start with React, Angular, Vue - these all are really good.

In today's world, I believe being a full-stack developer pays of a lot more. I can go into the details about this in the future. But, don't stop working on backend technologies while you are learning JavaScript.

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