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Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

I'm about to cross 6,700 connections on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has helped me from the very beginning and I'm glad that I created my account in 2016.

I learn a lot during my time on LinkedIn, meet with great minds on this platform, and also received 100+ job opportunities on LinkedIn.

Here are a few tips to grow your LinkedIn account:

0) Build your profile; add a cool tagline and description, keep your experience, skills, volunteer, and projects, your profile should be up to date.

1) Increase your connections by searching professionals based on their designation i.e Write HR in the search box and you will get all HR's add them first to get noticed.

2) Select your target audience i.e If you are a programmer and tech content creator like me then you should add more and more programmers.

3) Repeat tip # 1 above with keywords i.e Programmers, Software Developers, Software Engineers, etc.

2) Be consistent, Post daily. If you are a programmer like me you can try the #100daysofcode challenge.

3) Post native content, Write posts, articles and upload videos directly to the LinkedIn platform.

4) Don't share links to redirect your audience from LinkedIn to any other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Share your post here and build an audience here which will automatically increase the audience on other platforms, Or you can share links in comments instead of within posts.

5) Try to be more engaged in comments, Reply to each and every
comment on your profile, also write comments on others' posts.

6) Try to be more engaged in messages, Reply to each and every message which you receive on LinkedIn.

7) Endorse your colleague's skills, recommend them and ask them to endorse your skills as well.

8) Whatever skill you add to your profile try to pass the test on LinkedIn so that you can get a badge.

9) Pinned top 3 skills within your LinkedIn profile skills section.

10) Use the power of hashtags, and add 3 hashtags maximum per post and create a new one for yourself also i.e Check my hashtag #slimcoder.

11) Be kind and professional.

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Kiran Kamath

Thanks for this post

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Slim Coder

Welcome ❤