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Techistan : An organization for open source community

Hello readers,

Who I’m :

I’m Vivek Anand Sharma.

I’m Pakistani and an open-source contributor and I love open source community and I’m Co-Founder of Techistan and I’m JavaScript Dev.

Why open source :

In open-source, you feel important because you are part of a large scale to small scale projects and your little contribution matters for us and for all.

So after digging for one year in open source, I started my organization with few friends in September 2019 in GitHub namely Techistan .

What is Techistan :

Techistan is derived from two words tech+istan . Tech means technology and istan means a place so basically it means a tech place.

Techistan was founded by Sanaullah Bugti , Vivek Anand Sharma and Mir Fahad Talpur.

This organization is for those who want to do something for Pakistani peoples and for everyone around the globe.

What is the goal of Techistan :

The main goal of this organization is to give a chance to everyone so that they can contribute and work with us so that we all can create some good projects and tools.

What I do in Techistan :

I’m writing codes and making some good tools/projects for all of you guys.

I’m maintaining projects with other team members and doing all kind of stuff which a founder do in his/her organization.

Want to become a part of Techistan :

If you want to become part of this organization feel to contact me via email ( It will be a great pleasure for me to work with developers around the globe.

No, I’m not lying; See my Github

But I’m not a programmer :

If you are not a programmer you can still contribute. This organization is not only for programmers but for everyone. So feel free to contribute.

What about funding :

I think you liked Techistan isn’t it?

If you liked this organization, you are free to do funding it willing be very beneficial for Techistan give some donation here:

Future goals :

I have a few great project ideas in my to-do list which I will start working within a few days.

Why I wrote this article :

I wrote this article because of i ❤ Open Source.

Follow me :

Follow me on GitHub @viveksharmaui.


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