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Django Boilerplate

Hello Coders,

In this article, I will present a short-list with open-source Django Boilerplate Code which might help you start fast a new Django project by reusing some valuable work provided by open-source enthusiasts. For newcomers, Django is a Python Web framework built by experienced developers used in production by tech companies like Instagram and Disqus. Thanks for reading!

What is Boilerplate Code

In programming, boilerplate code is a piece of software that can be reused over and over without changing a single line of code. The whole idea behind a starter (sometimes boilerplate code) is to skip coding that piece of code common to many projects.

Wikipedia Definition - In computer programming, boilerplate code or just boilerplate are sections of code that have to be included in many places with little or no alteration. When using languages that are considered verbose, the programmer must write much code to accomplish only minor functionality. Such code is called boilerplate

Rocket Django TailwindCSS

This Django Boilerplate has all you need to build your SaaS, Analytics tool, or any other type of Web App. From idea to production in 5 minutes.

Features and Tech Stack: TailwindCSS β€’ Flowbite β€’ API (DRF) β€’ Celery Beat β€’ DataTables β€’ Charts β€’ Docker β€’ CI/CD.

Free Django Dashboard and Admin Template - Rocket Django.

Django Datta Able

Datta Able Bootstrap Lite is the most stylized Bootstrap 4 Lite Admin Template, among all other Lite/Free admin templates in the market. It comes with highly feature-rich pages and components with fully developer-centric code. Before developing Datta Able our key points were performance and design.

Django Datta Able - Free Template.

Django Material Kit

Designed for those who like bold elements and beautiful websites, Material Kit 2 is ready to help you create stunning websites and web apps. Material Kit 2 is built with over 60 frontend individual elements, like buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, or alerts, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining.

Material Kit - Starter generated by AppSeed.

Django Dashboard Material

Material Dashboard is a free Material Bootstrap 4 Admin with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's Material Design. Material Dashboard comes with 5 color filter choices for both the sidebar and the card headers (blue, green, orange, red and purple) and an option to have a background image on the sidebar.

Django Dashboard Material

Django Boilerplate Soft UI

Open-source Django Dashboard crafted on top of Soft UI Dashboard, an open-source Bootstrap 5 design from Creative-Tim.

Soft UI Dashboard is built with over 70 frontend individual elements, like buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, or alerts, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining.

Django Boilerplate Soft UI - Free Template.

Django Black Dashboard

Black Dashboard is a beautiful Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard with a huge number of components built to fit together and look amazing. It combines colors that are easy on the eye, spacious cards, beautiful typography, and graphics.

Black Dashboard - Full-Stack Starter generated by AppSeed.

Cookiecutter Django

This popular Django starter is powered by Cookiecutter a command-line utility that creates projects from project templates.


  • Django LTS / Python3
  • Theme-able
  • Deployment scripts: Heroku, PythonAnywhere


A framework for launching new Django projects quickly. It comes with a custom user model, email/password authentication, options for social authentication via Google/Facebook/Twitter/etc, and static assets.

DjangoX - A framework for launching new Django projects quickly.

Starter Stats

  • Stars (570), Forks (105)
  • License MIT


  • For Django 2.2 and Python 3.7
  • Modern virtual environments with pipenv
  • Styling with Bootstrap v4.1.3
  • Custom user model
  • Email/password for log in/sign up instead of Django's default - username/email/password pattern
  • Social authentication via django-allauth
  • django-debug-toolbar

Django Hackathon Starter

A boilerplate application for Django web applications.

Starter Stats

  • Stars (1.4k), Forks (272)
  • License MIT


  • User Registration
  • Integration with Django Rest Framework
  • Basic Authentication with username and password
  • OAuth 1.0a, OAuth 2.0 (Github, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • API Examples (Github, LinkedIn, Instagram)

Django React Boilerplate

Starter Stats

  • Stars (700), Forks (152)
  • License MIT


A Django project boilerplate/template with lots of state of the art libraries and tools like:

  • React, for building interactive UIs
  • django-js-reverse, for generating URLs on JS
  • Bootstrap 4, for responsive styling
  • Webpack, for bundling static assets
  • Celery, for background worker tasks
  • WhiteNoise with brotlipy, for efficient static files serving
  • Free support via Github and Commercial for custom projects

Django Gentelella Template

A simple and popular Django starter with Gentelella UI Kit integrated.

Starter Stats

  • Stars (270), Forks (129)
  • License MIT


  • Basic Authentication (username and password)
  • SQLite database
  • Simple structure, suitable for beginners

Thanks for reading! For more resources, feel free to access:

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Nikita Sobolev

You forgot to mention !


GitHub logo wemake-services / wemake-django-template

Bleeding edge django template focused on code quality and security.

wemake-django-template Awesome Build Status Documentation Status Dependencies Status wemake-python-styleguide

Bleeding edge django2.2 template focused on code quality and security.


This project is used to scaffold a django project structure Just like startproject but better.



Firstly, you will need to install dependencies:

pip install cookiecutter jinja2-git

Then, create a project itself:

cookiecutter gh:wemake-services/wemake-django-template

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We offer free email support for anyone who is using this If you have any problems or questions,…

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rahul shukla

it's very important for beginners. Thanks for sharing.

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With pleasure ..

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Sir can you tell me that which library is ideal to send mails through django smtplib or send_mail.

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Ousseynou Diop

Very interesting!

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Kwami Kudjie

Thanks for sharing this

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Hey, you might want to have a look at this one:, it includes all the necessary pieces to jumpstart a React + Django project on Heroku!