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Free Admin Dashboards - Creative-Tim, CodedThemes, AppSeed, WrapPixel, BootstrapDash

Hello Coders,

In case any of you need some inspiration for the next project, this curated list with free and open-source admin dashboards might help to decide faster. All dashboards presented in this article are actively supported and versioned by their vendors with at least one commit in the last three months.

For more free dashboards please access this Github page: Open-Source Admin Dashboards - Thanks for reading!

DattaAble Free Dashboard

A nice/simple design provided by CodedThemes, with the source code published on Github (template includes authentication pages) - Links:

DattaAble Free Dashboard - Free admin dashboard.

Free Material Dashboard

Vendor Notes (Creative-Tim) - Material Dashboard is a free Material Bootstrap 4 Admin with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's Material Design. We are very excited to introduce our take on the material concepts through an easy to use and beautiful set of components. Material Dashboard was built over the popular Bootstrap 4 framework and it comes with a couple of third-party plugins redesigned to fit in with the rest of the elements.

Material Dashboard - Free dashboard with material design.

Material Bootstrap Lite

Vendor Notes (WrapPixel) - This powerful and competent Bootstrap 4 admin template is based on HTML and is built with the CSS framework. Inspired by Google Material design principles and integrated with the essential Bootstrap components and UI elements, the all-new and comprehensive MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite from WrapPixel has a lot to offer to you.

Material Bootstrap - Admin Dashboard with Material Design.

Corona Dark Free

Vendor Notes (BootstrapDash) - Corona Free admin template has beautiful typography, crisp design, and neatly designed dashboards. It features a huge selection of essential UI elements along with apps, forms, charts, tables, and more.

Django Dashboard - Corona Dark Design.

Argon Free Dashboard

Vendor Notes (Creative-Tim) - Argon Dashboard is built with over 100 individual components, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining. All components can take variations in color, that you can easily modify using SASS files.

Argon Dashboard - Open-Source admin dashboard.

Gradient Free Dashboard

Vendor Notes (CodedThemes) - Gradient Able Bootstrap 4 Free/Lite Admin Template is a complete solution for your dashboard creation. The default layout version comes with limited options like Google optimized, font integration, high speed, mature & sophisticated, and extremely well-organized code which makes free Gradient Able a fully flexible solution for any backend application project.

Gradient Dashboard - Free admin panel designed by CodedThemes.

Links & Resources

This list will be periodically updated with new items, once I discover new freebies in the wild internet. Some other useful links:

Thank you!

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Bowen Wang

Exactly what I need

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Yw .. The full index is available on Github: Open-Source Admin Dashboards