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Summer Deals - A Curated List

Hello coders,

During this period web agencies drop the pricing and many good (and pricey) products become more accessible to developers. Here is my list for the summer of 2021. This open-list will be updated with more deals suggested in the comments.

Disclaimer: The list might contain affiliate links. Thanks for reading!

Creative-Tim - Full-Stack Bundle

The Summer Full Stack is a collection of 66 Front-end and Back-end Premium products that will help you develop faster and easier 🔥

  • 66 Premium Products, Designer Files, 6mo Support
  • Technologies: Bootstrap, Vue, React, Angular, Next
  • Discount: 90% OFF
  • Link: Full-Stack Bundle

Creative-Tim - Full-Stack Bundle.

Themesberg - Summer Sale 90% Off

7 Premium Themes Powered by Bootstrap CSS: Pixel PRO, Volt Bootstrap PRO, Neumorphism UI PRO and other best-sellers from Themesberg.

  • Technologies: Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5
  • Discount: 90% OFF
  • Link: Full-Stack Bundle

Themesberg - Summer Sale 90% Off.

CodedThemes - Bootstrap Mega Bundle

Get 5+ Premium Admin Templates + 140 PSD Templates (PSD Bundle – Free). All admin templates are highly creatively developed and designed, fully responsive and tested in all retina devices, compatible with major browsers.

CodedThemes - Bootstrap Mega Bundle.

WrapPixel - Big Bundle 95% OFF

This deal comes with 24 premium products plus an really nice UI Kit.

  • Technologies: Bootstrap, React, Vue, Angular
  • Discount: 95% OFF
  • Link: Big Bundle 95%OFF

WrapPixel - Big Bundle 95% OFF.

BootstrapDash - 50+ Premium Bundle

Get the best value for your money with this bundle of 50+ premium templates with 100+ dashboard layouts, UI kits.

BootstrapDash - 50+ Premium Bundle.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to suggest more sweet deals in the comments section.

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Thanks for sharing!
Udemy has also a nice offer these days - €12.99

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Zoltán Szőgyényi

Thanks for curating this list!

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Yw! 🚀

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Nice deals .. Ty!

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Thank you for reading! 🚀🚀