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E-attendance v1.0 (Google Play)

💬💬 Since classes are all online now 🌐, when you want to take the attendance, it will be recorded in a file 📄, after then you still have to send the file to the 📧 school administration, sometimes you forget to send it 🙄. Now use "E-attendance" you can instantly share student attendance with the school administration ✔️ …

🔎 E-attendance ver 1.0

  1. Add registration function (Administrator)
  2. Add login function (administrator and user)
  3. Add create new users function
  4. Add attendance function
  5. Add report function

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🎥 YouTube (Demonstration video):

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📄 *繁中、简中、Español、English

⏩ e點名 >>> 還在使用 Excel 點名後再傳送檔案嗎?"e點名" 可即時共享點名結果…
⏩ e点名 >>> 还在使用 Excel 点名后再传送档案吗?"e点名" 可实时共享点名结果…
⏩ E-attendance >>> Still using Excel take attendance before sending it? "E-attendance" is cloud App
⏩ E-asistencia >>> ¿Usa Excel para asistencia luego enviarlo? "E-asistencia" es una App en la nube

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