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Stephanie Hope

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Nevertheless, Stephanie Coded

I started to code in late 2018 because...

I loved the idea of a job where I could point at something and say "I helped make that". Coming from an analytical laboratory background, that wasn't something that often happened, and I was looking for a change.

I deserve credit for...

Taking the plunge and leaving my job of many years to go back to University. The course I took over the summer was a 12-week bootcamp-style course in web development and Java, and I passed with an A+. I'm now studying towards a Masters in Information Technology, at age 32.

I hope to see my school/work/developer/tech community...

Continue to improve in its inclusion of women and minorities. I was encouraged (and, sadly, surprised) that my class of 9 students over the summer consisted of 7 women and only 2 men. But I note that every industry speaker who gave a talk to us was a white male. I'd like to see more diverse mentors being invited by the University.

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