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Despite all its vulnerabilities, WordPress's still the most popular web platform :)


WordPress has definitely make its history. And it's not terrible. But you shouldn't solely base it on popularity.

Just because there is a super popular person in school, doesn't make them a better person.


AFAIK Wordpress without a lot of plugins isn't that bad in terms of security.


race conditions.Also in many languages.:(


Some example? I have no problem with this.


CVE-2017-16871 In fact, it is not common in php (golang is more). It is hard exploit and hard to find, but I can't ignore it, which leads me to check code like multi-step sql operation frequently.


I tried a stupid sql operation to add user data (such as gold coins), and then add the number of user operations in the database.Sorry,not my open source code。

Yes. So I was stupid at the time.But sometimes I can't use sql ransaction. Because maybe I are calling an external api or other operation.

This is not vulnerability PHP. This is bad manipulation with database.

sorry,I may understand the wrong title.But if you only say php specific vulnerabilities,Should only be file include bug and some php Internal implementation vulnerability.


Yeah, I have noticed that PHP attracts a lot of newbies because of its simplicity to kickstart a web development. Especially that was a case somewhere around 2006 to 2010 in the era of LAMP stacks.