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Recommended Sites that can Help Improve your Coding


There are many kinds of jobs and career in Information Technology, and it is an ever-growing career that requires us to learn everyday. Before this post, I have introduced some of the youtubers that can help in web development. Now I am going to introduce some of the sites that I think useful to learn coding.

1. Kaggle

First of all is Kaggle, a website that specialized for data scientists and analyst to learn and share their data analysis and models of machine learning.

Except sharing notebooks there, you can also learn the concepts of machine learning and programming related to data mining, for example, Python and R and the libraries that can help it.

Apart from sharing notebooks and learning, you can also join competitions for practicing your concepts of machine learning and finish the tasks.


2. Solo Learn

This is a website that can help learning programming. It has website and application for user to access the learning resources.

You can learn the basics of web development and programming here in forms of interactive quizzes and practicing your coding skills through the built-in IDE on the website.

You can sign up using your google account or facebook account.



It is an interesting website that allows users to solve questions using programming. You can use a variety of programming languages from the most classic one, such as C++ and Java, to the most trending one like Kotlin and Golang.

Also, to ensure your code quality, there are many test cases before you submit the code.

Apart from solving problems, CodinGame has competitions that allows users to compete with each other. And now it proposes a new type of campaign that allows users to collaborate with each other and strive for the best team.


4. freeCodeCamp

Yeah, it is a must to promote it, as it provides a free options for everyone who wants to be a developer.

Apart from giving out certifications for anyone who finished their courses, it always posts videos in their Youtube channel with clear explanations and there are many blogs that you can consider as tips of programming.


5. Frontend Mentor

This is another webiste that provides mini projects which can let you hone your skills on styling the web and some frontend programming.

For each projects, it provides instructions and templates for you to describe what you have learnt through the project. This can helps you keep track on your learning by reflection.

Although it has premium account type that provides users Figma or Sketch document for each project to describe the layout of the prject, a free account should be enough for the developers if you are confident in your styling languages.



That's all for topic. If you guys have any recommendations on sites that helps improve coding skills, please feel free to leave a comment below:)

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