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Suggested Youtube Channels that can Help You learn more in Web Development


Hi, I am Snail, just join this community recently. And here I am going to share about the Youtube Channels I would like to recommend for learning programming and web development.

1. Fireship

The very first channel I would like to share about is Fireship. The duration of its videos usually ranged around 2-1X minutes, therefore it is short and easy to understand.


2. WebDevSimplified

Here goes another Youtuber, who is aim to simplify the web development as much as possible to others. Through its videos, you will learn from the basic of web programming and the latest and most popular techologies used in web development, as well as tutorials of practical project just as blog and interviews about the career of web development.



It is an organization which its target is to help people learn to code for free. And it gives out certifications if you can finish its programmes, while the programmes are all free. While the duration of its videos can be last for several hours, the channel has divided the videos into sections for you to follow.


Final Thoughts

That's all about the Youtube channels I would like to recommend for now. If you have others Youtube channels you find useful for learning web programming and development, please feel free to share it below. Hope this post can help :)

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