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Pavel Berlin

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Random thoughts of a dev noob #1

Just one thing - I like it very much how FreeCodeCamp learning cycle is organized. I don't know if that's on purpose and maybe it's just me, but it starts very easy and you pass challenge after challenge and feel yourself quite smart and satisfied with yourself...

And then you hit a wall. Nothing works, you don't remember anything helpful from previous lessons and you start to think that you are too dumb, too old, too something else for this. You google, you look up the answer (feeling like a despicable cheater) and still you don't get it. You spend a day with no progress at all and the only thing that keeps you going is a promise to yourself that tomorrow you will definitely sort it out.
Next day it's no better, even worse - you've forgotten some ideas you had the day before. You are desperate... and then it clicks and everything is clear and your future is bright again.

One of the best feelings I've ever had. I'm such drama queen)

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Tomi Adenekan

True Fact.
However, as you get better, you get that feeling less and less because you become an expert in googling answers.