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SEO analysis and its importance in web development

Do you have a website and you can't get organic visits to your website to increase? Do you want to create a new website and do you want to position it well in search engines? Then read on as this will interest you.

There are many great developers who teach hours and hours to implement great web pages that after a lot of effort and put into production do not get the visitors that their website deserves after their passage of time.

Many developers think that SEO is very simple and that putting titles, keywords and urls in a specific way is enough. In this article I want to show you how SEO is much more and there are hundreds of factors that can affect our positioning.

SEO is one of the most complete disciplines that ideally every web programmer should know. SEO requires knowledge of HTML, javascript, and CSS programming in addition to many fundamentals of web programming and systems technique.

Whether we want to implement a new website or start a new blog or an online business or make modifications to the current website, it is highly recommended to implement it using SEO concepts so that, once put into production, the website begins to position itself in the best possible way in the main internet search engines.

To make understand the operation of SEO and make an SEO analysis of your website it is essential to understand how Internet search engines work.

After understanding the operation of the search engines, we must make an exhaustive analysis of the competition and understand our clients to be able to search for the keywords that they will use and where we want to show them our content.

After having our keywords we can execute the first step of our SEO analysis, the design of the SEO Architecture.

It will be then when, with our designed SEO architecture, we will be able to start implementing our new website following all the SEO factors that search engines take into account to position our website. If, on the contrary, our website is already created, then we must analyze all these factors throughout our website.

Some of the main SEO factors to consider in our analysis will be the following:

Malware removal
301 redirects
Social networks
Appearance in the main search engines
Create a blog
Customize our 404 website
Implement optimization systems for response times such as caching, compression, etc.
Design a web structure consistent with our value proposition and its services
Eliminate all 404 and 500 errors from our website
And many more

All these factors, how to analyze and implement them, can be found in the following SEO Analysis tutorial. It will be very important to follow all these recommendations and good practices to optimize our website for SEO.

As can be seen by reading the first factors mentioned above, SEO implementation must be carried out by an eminently technical profile and with a marketing vision, which is often difficult to find.

It is also important to highlight that any development of any website must follow these guidelines, and with this we will get search engines to position us as a quality website by meeting its main requirements. In any case, we must not forget that as a complement, a good off-page SEO strategy must always be executed over time to increase the positioning of our website.

Are you ready to do an SEO analysis? Do you think that SEO is something simple or complicated?

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