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Twitchio.js: A better way to interact with twitch services

🤔 What's this all about?

Twitchio.js provides functions that make it easy to interact with Twitch API and other twitch related services including but not limited to the helix API, the Kraken API, the BTTV API, and the FFZ API.
at its most basic Twitchio wraps twitch API credentials with the fetch function so you don't have to pass them in every time, but it also has functions that get data from different API endpoints for you with basic inputs.

⚡ Quick and easy implementation

step 1:

npm i twitchio-js

//Then, paste this at the top of your JavaScript file:
const TwitchIO = require("twitchio-js");
// or
import TwitchIO from "twitchio-js")
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Step 2: Use any of the commands explained the Documentation to interact with twitch services however you like.

For the Future

If you want to contribute and make this much better for developers, please have a look at Contributing Manual to understand the contribution steps.

If you can help us with these. Please don't hesitate to open a pull request.

  • Adding More functions
    • functions for kraken endpoints
    • more functions for helix endpoints
  • Improving the documentation

If you created something awesome and want to contribute then feel free to open Please don't hesitate to open an pull request.

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Twitchio.js is a twitch API wrapper that makes it easier to interact with the Twitch API and other twitch related API's

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