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Sofiane Hamlaoui
Sofiane Hamlaoui

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Lockdoor Framework : A Penetration Testing framework with Cyber Security Resources (Sofiane…

🔐 Lockdoor Framework : A Penetration Testing framework with Cyber Security Resources (Sofiane Hamlaoui)

Lockdoor ?

Lockdoor, First let’s start by explaining this (kind-of) weird name. Well After days of thinking, I asked my best friend (Rafik) to suggest me a name of a tool on Cyber Security, IT field and all of that! First thing came to his mind was LOCKDOOOR ! I was like … euuuh Oookey let’s roll !

The Idea ?

Well before Lockdoor, I had A shell scripts that downloads all the tools I need from Github, The Public ones from other Github repositories and the Private ones from mine. With that I was customizing, Adding and removing tools and so on.

One day (07/09/2019) I’ve said, Why not making a framework and share it with others, so I can Learn, share and maybe discover new tools that I didn’t even know about! It was at this right moment exactly ! Lockdoor was born :’).

Lockdoor Framework ?

*Lockdoor* is a Framework aimed at helping penetration testers, bug bounty hunters And cyber security engineers.

This tool is designed for Debian/Ubuntu/ArchLinux based distributions to create a similar and familiar distribution for Penetration Testing. But containing the favorite and the most used tools by Pentesters.

As pentesters, most of us has his personal ‘ /pentest/ ‘ directory so this Framework is helping you to build a perfect one.

A NEW tool ?

Yeah, We all know that there a lot of frameworks and similar tools like lockdoor, So my added value ( what made lockdoor different ) was Adding The Favorite and most used tools by pentesters, Automating the Pentesting process to help you do the job more quickly and the best part ! CHEATSHEETS & RESOURCES!

So yes, that’s what made lockdoor a Different New tool.

Okey ?

The Test Video of the 1.0Beta Version (On Youtube) :

Screenshots :

What Tools ?

The Version 1.0Beta has :

  • Information Gathring Tools (21)
  • Web Hacking Tools(15)
  • Reverse Engineering Tools (15)
  • Exploitation Tools (6)
  • Pentesting & Security Assessment Findings Report Templates (6)
  • Password Attack Tools (4)
  • Shell Tools + Blackarch’s Webshells Collection (4)
  • Walk Throughs & Pentest Processing Helpers (3)
  • Encryption/Decryption Tools (2)
  • Social Engineering tools (1)
  • All you need as Privilege Escalation scripts and exploits

What’s Next ?

Well ! Adding more tools, resources, cheat sheets to make the life of Penetesters easier ❤

More : Check Lockdoor Framework Github Repo on Github with the most detailed readme file on this planet ( I’m not sure about that ! just saying )


My twitter account :

Sofiane Hamlaoui

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This Lockdoor Framework seems promising for Penetration Testing Companies. It appears to offer a robust set of Cyber Security Resources, enhancing their capabilities to detect vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses. A valuable tool for ensuring digital fortification in today's cyber landscape. 🛡️