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Get Your Free Copy Now! The ultimate DevOps checklist for successful app deployment

softwebsub profile image Bharat ・1 min read

Developing and deploying an application or software can be an overwhelming and stressful process with the number of complex tasks at hand. But bringing together development and operations - DevOps, you can simplify and speed up your app deployment process.

As deploying an application in a DevOps culture is not a cakewalk, you need to be prepared with robust deployment-ready goals and DevOps best practices that enable you to deploy applications successfully. Hence, we bring to you a complete DevOps checklist as a starting point to successfully deploy an application.

In this document, we have listed some key points and a step-by-step application deployment checklist to achieve deployment success during these time frames:

  • Deployment from the scratch
  • Before application goes-live
  • After application goes-live

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