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Laravel Left Join Query Example Tutorial

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hi Dev,

In this article, I will expound you to utilize left join query builder in laravel project. i will indite simple left join query utilizing laravel query builder. we will utilize db(), join() to indite left join query in laravel.

Laravel left join example. In this tutorial, you will learn what is laravel left join and how to utilize left join in laravel. And As well as how to utilize laravel left join with multiple where conditions.

Note that, data has to be fetched from more than one table. At that time the joins are used in laravel.

If you are utilizing laravel left join eloquent with a query builder, At that time, laravel left join fetch data from the left table. Even if there is no match in the right table. So the result is null from the right side.

Now, The first argument passed to the join method is the designation of the table you require to join to, while the remaining arguments designate the column constraints for the join. You can even join to multiple tables in a single query.


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