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What should your key considerations be while choosing IT monitoring solution?

Choosing an IT monitoring solution? What should your key considerations be?

  1. Define a problem you try to solve.

    For example, you provide a software solution to your clients, but you're only aware of an issue after they’ve reported it by themselves;
    You use specialized software that requires a lot of specialists to support;
    You have a #monitoringsystem, but you're unhappy with the cost / quality / functionality.
    After considering a problem it would be easier to move on.

  2. Consider your preferences.

    Think carefully about the monitoring solution you need.
    Remember that free #monitoringtools come with limited features, so you will need to run different IT monitoring tools together to get complete functionality, which can complicate maintenance and configuration.

  3. Decide your budget.
    Different infrastructure solutions are charged on a different model – per server, per instance, etc.
    Consider a Pay-as-you-go model to save your budget and avoid paying extras. You can start small by monitoring a single cluster and expand smoothly in time online. Note that even in “free systems” the training, implementation, and supporting fees end up costing between 50,000 and 100,000 $.

  4. Implementation takes time.
    Remember that choosing a monitoring solution doesn’t mean gaining proficiency tomorrow.
    Adjusting #compatibility between an IT infrastructure and a monitoring solution is a complex task for your provider. In the case of a free monitoring system, pay attention to the risks like poor performance and a cumbersome user interface, as often these systems are strung together from a large number of open-source modules written by different people.

  5. Pay attention to monitoring essentials

    Out-of-the-box #automation, customizable visualization, or multi-vendor support are aspects that enhance your monitoring procedures hence allowing you to scale IT infrastructure. It's much easier to have all of the above in one monitoring solution to save time and resources for maintenance.

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