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Free Resources to learn Django

Personally I followed this resources to learn Django

YouTube channels

👉 CodingEntrepreneurs
👉 Dennis Ivy
👉 CodeWithHarry
👉 Geeky Shows
👉 Code Keen
👉 Very Academy
👉 Code With Stein


👉 Official Django Doc
👉 LearnDjango
👉 Simple is Better Than Complex

Sometime I just search project on Django on YouTube and I follow them because project based learning works like a charm ✨

And yeah for any library (like django-allauth) doc is best resource to learn.

And our best friend StackOverflow is always there to help 😁

And if you know any other resources please share with me. I love to explore them too <3

Free learning resources: GitHub (you can contribute there)

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