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Sonia Singla
Sonia Singla

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Everybody Struggles

In this blog post, I am going to share my experience as an Outreachy Intern with Mozilla till now, the time I got stuck(current or past struggles) and how am working to overcome to my struggles. These kind of confessions are hard to write but I tried to explain everything in the simple way.

In the first three weeks, I along with Dennis, worked on the planning of working on the actual reporter prototype, and currently, working on the implementation of prototype. As I have never worked with web-extensions before, my mentor shared some good resources to help me getting started with. I made two simple web-extensions and after that, started working on the prototype implementation.

Working on this project has been so much fun and I have had a lot to learn every single day. Without bumps, cracks and obstacles, there is no perfect journey but in the end, it gets you somewhere

Digging into the task, whenever i write a piece of code, i immediately delete it. It sounds to be crazy but it is easy to assume that you might be mistaking. Did I misunderstand how this or that works? Maybe I completely misunderstood the task, I am not supposed to? Sometimes, I also even felt that Im annoying my mentor by asking the same questions again and again . Personally, I am little hesitant to reach out for help.

Always remember, there is nothing annoying about asking questions and the earliest, we share our problems with mentor and the community, the quickest we will have an idea about what we were doing wrong, or we will have another approach to try.

I have been contributing in the open-source from past few months and I have never seen such patience in the mentor(asking same questions again and again mostly annoys other person). Dennis, explained everything very well in the most easiest and systematic way, even after asking same repeated questions. This is the Christmas time and my mentor never took more than an hour to reply. In the second week, we had team meeting where Dennis introduced me with other mentors, testing team, and other team members of webcompat. I am glad to meet them all

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Yeyyeye, full speed ahead

There is no perfect path or journey, and it is fine to get stuck

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