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Nguyen Kim Son
Nguyen Kim Son

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Should we have a mobile app?

The website is amazingly fast but sometimes the mobile app can be handy, for example when there’s no Internet in metro 🚇. What do you guys think?

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There are mobile apps.

One for Android and one for iOS.

They wrap the PWA, you can find them in the stores if you search for "Dev Community"

They are also both open source, see and

Hope this is what you're looking for 🎉

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Eric Ahnell

DEV is a PWA? I suppose I can just pin it to the home screen in lieu of a dedicated app, then... assuming mobile Safari supports them well enough. Thanks for this!

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Nguyen Kim Son


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Alain Van Hout

There is a progressive web app, which is almost exactly the same as a native app. Beyond that, even a native app would need an internet connection to fetch the posts.

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Dor Shinar

Dev is a PWA that you can install on your phone. But I like the idea of caching latest articles 👍