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Check balance on Danamon Online with Puppeteer

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Another real case to learn Puppeteer. What I learn here is to use Puppeteer, find selector, doing click, switch between iframes, get data from a table structure and all are automated.

Danamon Online is one of internet banking service in Indonesia.

We need to install puppeteer and dotenv (or maybe you already installed).

npm i puppeteer
npm i dotenv

Let's create these two files.

File .env


Fill with the credential of Danamon Online.

File danamononline.js

const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');

if (
  !process.env.DANAMON_USER &&
) {
  return console.log("Please edit the .env file with your Danamon Online credential!!!");

(async () => {
    // set some options (set headless to false so we can see 
    // this automated browsing experience)
    let launchOptions = { headless: false };

    // let's go to the Danamon Online internet banking website
    const browser = await puppeteer.launch(launchOptions);
    const page = await browser.newPage();
    await page.setViewport({width: 1366, height: 768});
    await page.goto('https://www.danamonline.com');

    // do the login, this is happen inside an iframe
    var frame = page.frames()[1];
    await frame.waitForSelector('#txtAccessCode');
    await frame.type('#txtAccessCode', process.env.DANAMON_USER);
    await frame.waitFor(1000);
    await frame.type('#txtPin', process.env.DANAMON_PASSWORD);
    await frame.waitFor(1000);
    await frame.waitForSelector('#cmdLogin');
    await frame.click('#cmdLogin');
    await frame.waitFor(3000);

    // get account name, inside an iframe on the right side
    frame = page.frames()[1];
    const accountName = await frame.evaluate(() => document.querySelectorAll('label[id="_ctl0_lblUsername"]')[0].textContent.trim() );

    // doing click on the left side menu, this is inside an iframe
    await frame.evaluate(() => document.querySelectorAll('a[headerindex="0h"]')[0].click());
    await frame.waitFor(1000);

    // doing click (again) on the left side menu, this will trigger 
    // summary balance info page on right iframe, 
    // this is inside an iframe
    await frame.evaluate(() => document.querySelectorAll('div[contentindex="0c"]')[0].querySelectorAll('a')[0].click());
    await frame.waitFor(5000);

    // get balance info on the balance page, this is inside an iframe on the right side
    frame = page.frames()[1];
    const accountNumber = await frame.evaluate(() => document.querySelectorAll('.custom1 tr')[1].querySelectorAll('td')[0].innerHTML.substring(document.querySelectorAll('.custom1 tr')[1].querySelectorAll('td')[0].innerHTML.indexOf('<br>') + 4));
    const currency = await frame.evaluate(() => document.querySelectorAll('.custom1 tr')[1].querySelectorAll('td')[1].textContent);
    const actualBalance = await frame.evaluate(() => document.querySelectorAll('.custom1 tr')[1].querySelectorAll('td')[2].textContent);
    const availableBalance = await frame.evaluate(() => document.querySelectorAll('.custom1 tr')[1].querySelectorAll('td')[3].textContent); 

    const balanceInfo = { 'account_no': accountNumber,
                          'account_name': accountName,
                          'currency': currency,
                          'actual_balance': actualBalance,
                          'available_balance': availableBalance }

    // display Danamon Online balance (plus account number, account type and currency type)

    await browser.close();

Run it with

node danamononline.js

Source code also available at GitHub https://github.com/sonyarianto/danamon-online-check-balance-with-puppeteer

Thank you and I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback are welcome.


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