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Sourcery now available in VS Code!

We're excited to announce that Sourcery is now available as a VS Code extension.

This means you can use all of the great features of Sourcery directly in your VS Code editor:

  • Instant refactoring suggestions. We're the only tool that will refactor your code for you!
    As you type Sourcery will analyse your code and suggest improvements
    which you can add with one click.

  • We don't break your code. Sourcery uses extensive static analysis to ensure that its refactorings
    don't change the existing functionality - backed up by testing on open source repositories.

  • Runs locally. Sourcery runs completely locally on your machine - no code is ever sent to the cloud.

Here's an example of a Sourcery refactoring from inside VS Code:

Sourcery diff

To get it for free just follow these steps:

  • Open VS Code and press Ctrl+P (Cmd+P on Mac) then paste in ext install sourcery.sourcery and press Enter.
  • Click here to get a free token.
  • Enter the token into the provided input, or search for sourcery in the VS Code settings and enter it into the Sourcery Token field.

Top comments (2)

iceorfiresite profile image
Ice or Fire

The token makes Sourcery free? Does it expire?

nthapen profile image
Nick Thapen

No it doesn't expire - the extension is completely free at the moment.

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