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Streamlit: The Best Way to Begin(Free and Paid Resources)

About Streamlit :

Streamlit is a library/framework in python that helps you make interactive data driven web application without writing any complicated codes.

Special Advantages:

Streamlit can help you achieve complicated workings with minimalistic (few lines) of code. More than that there are other advantages of using streamlit like :

  1. Connecting it with react framework is lucid and a piece of cake.
  2. The in-built framework is completely responsive.
  3. Integrating ML models had never been easier.
  4. You can also make CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) applications using streamlit and it also support data base connectivity.
  5. Facilitates interfaces to drive data uploads in various file formats.

Resources To Use:

Books and Projects

Apart from the official page of streamlit recently I just received a copy of a book from Shifa Ansari and this book is your one stop solution for learning python. The link to the book is here :

Getting Started with Streamlit for Data Science

I'm also going to share a few project links to my gitHub repos that have data science based apps created using streamlit. Go through the codebases and I'm sure it will be helpful for you all.

  1. Movie Recommendation System
  2. Emotion Detector
  3. Laptop Price Predictor
  4. To Do App
  5. Automated ML App
  6. Auto KMeans Cluster Creator and Analysis Project

Online Tutorials:

Beginner Framework Familiarity Stuff
Underrated Channel With end to end tutorials
Advanced and Moderate Data Science Stuff

By the way an important announcement, In case this blog generates a good amount of views then I'm sharing a free copy of the above mentioned book to the first 100 comments and likes.

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