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Launching on YourStack, SideProjectors and SideProjects

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Welcome to the third newsletter of Where To Post! I want to kick it off by saying thank you to everyone who made the launch such a great day! I didn't expect over 300 people getting excited about the little project and subscribing! I also would like to say thank you to everyone who sent me an email! It's been a long time since I've had so many chats about projects. I've learned a lot in our conversations.

To celebrate the third newsletter, here are three sites to have quick marketing wins! This time with screenshots to make it easier to follow along. Make sure to load the images or view the newsletter from the archive. Let's get started:

YourStack - the new site by team kitten 😺️

YourStack is a new website by the ProductHunt team. It's a bit of a mix between ProductHunt and Instagram, it has a clean layout and is easier to use. Once you've signed up using Twitter and potentially waited for admission to the beta, you can "stack" your own project:

Next you will need to add some very basic details:

And describe what you like about it:

A disclaimer never hurts here. Just mention that you built this and you are good. Once you see it on your profile similar to this you are done:

Pretty simple, isn't it? Here are some examples from my projects "stacked":

Give it a try and stack them as well! It's easy and gets you started on the site ;)

Don't forget to add a link to your project or blog in your profile - another link back to your sites. is a site focused on trading and showcasing projects. Start the submission with the big red button next to your avatar. With submitting your project you can select which option you prefer.

Neat is the option to import your projects directly from ProductHunt. This saves you from the need to re-enter everything. I recommend replacing the imported project URL (e.g. with the URL to your project - this ensures you aren't sending traffic to a redirect.

Submissions are manually approved and might take a bit of time. So it makes sense to submit directly after you've launched on ProductHunt. Examples of my previous submissions are: is a smaller community for makers by Sakun. You can showcase your project there and receive feedback as well. Sakun also helps out by promoting your project on Twitter. To get started click on the pen icon on the right:

Don't forget to select all applicable categories to be featured in those. Again, here are some examples of my previous posts:

The clap next to the name allows you to support a project.

That's it! I hope you managed to share your project on these three sites. Feel free to reply to this email with links to your posts and I'll help you a little with promotion ;)

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Got some feedback you would like to share? Just hit reply! I'm looking forward to your email!

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