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MDX Embed - Hacktober Midway Check In!

My Hacktoberfest Experience

I've participated in Hacktober for the last four years, this time as a maintainer/contributor of a GitHub project that's part of a much larger ecosystem. MDX Embed can be used anywhere you're using MDX, I use it extensively in my digital garden.

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest is a great way to meet other contributors in the same space as you. I've gained meaningful relationships with people I otherwise would not have met outside of this project.

I learned that a little extra effort with documentation goes a long way. We're all super welcoming on the repo but there are contributors that would prefer to know how to contribute before asking questions, so the documentation really helped out here.

Personally when I first contributed I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of the repo so once I was walked through what was needed by Paul I made a note of the process which later turned into the contributing guidelines.

MDX Embed Overview

MDX Embed allows you to easily embed popular 3rd party media content such as YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram posts and many more straight into your .mdx - no import required!

mdx embed logo

GitHub logo PaulieScanlon / mdx-embed

Embed 3rd party media content in MDX - no import required 🧽

We're nearly at 50 ⭐'s drop the repo a star if you find it useful 👍

The aim is to have all the components with a unit and integration test added to them before the v1 release.

There is a beautifully crafted Umbrella Issue by Paul listing all the available tests still outstanding.

Out of ~80 issues 16 are still open, check them out here.

The contributing guidelines covers adding the integration and unit tests

This is a great way to get comfortable with adding tests to a production project:

  • Unit test (Testing Library / React)
  • Integration test (Cypress)

Check the video for more details:

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