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Building websites is most often considered a technical job but the truth is far different from reality. most modern websites are first designed by web designers and then developed by web developers which means building a website includes creative as well as technical work.

Web designing is the work of creating digital art which can show information in an easy and fun way so that people on the internet can easily understand it.

Website designing is easy to learn,
It helps you to build beautiful websites,
There are a lot of free tools to design a website,
A lot of high paying internships and job opportunities,
you can do freelancing projects and earn money in a short time.

You have to use many tools to complete a project.
You have to work longer to create something creative.
You have to do a lot of meetings to get feedback and improve the design.
It highly competitive market and you have to do many projects to gain an advantage.

Why web developers should learn web designing?
Building a website can become very confusing if you have designs of a website then you can build a website faster. Not only that it is very creative work, you can work at any company or start a business.

Web designing is divided into parts:

User experience (UX): In this part, you have to research about project and its users and then design a rough diagram of the website on paper or computer which shows the workflow of the website.

User Interface (UI): This part is the actual design that shows colours, patterns, size, and images which you can use to develop the website.

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