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24 Days of Javascriptmas

Hello All,
This post is mainly for posting my solutions to Scrimba's 24 days of Javascriptmas in order to get the certification, but I guess I can tell you a little about how we got here and why I enjoyed this.
So 2020. Whew. Its almost over. What a wild and crazy ride its been. Please stay where you're at and don't follow us into 2021.
I started 2020 unemployed. I was/am again a clinical research coordinator who dabbled in code to help with the job. Learned excel, VBA and python to help keep track of and analyze data. Before that I learned HTML, CSS, and javascript through Freecodecamp. I did okay, but I really liked the javascript (I am not artistically minded).
So boom! unemployed and 2 kids at home all of the time. I apply at jobs forever, with no luck. Going nowhere, watching kid shows all day, screaming baby in my ear, I'm going crazy. But at night, when everyone is asleep, I pull out the laptop and start coding again. Learning React.
My mind starts exploding. Suddenly it all starts making more sense, the universe unfolding in my minds eye. I'm thinking about code all day: how to solve problems I ran into last night, how to better do algorithms, new websites/apps I want to do. I'm finally progressing again. Finally, unemployment and covid quarantine don't seem so bad anymore.
Once the basic concepts are out of the way, I get into harder territory of object oriented programming. I switch to learning java with the help of Codecademy and learn through there. I stay on java for a few months because I really want to learn how to develop android apps. Luckily the first job that I got paid okay and didn't require much of me, so for a few hours a week I got to follow along with youtube videos to build a Java portfolio.
That job closed down, I got a new one (thank God), but I didn't have as much time to code. I was switching specialties to oncology and holy crap did I have a lot to learn. It was overwhelming. Then freeCodeCamp published an article about the 24 days of Javascript. It sounded interesting and I loved every second of it. Let me tell you, scrimba is a game changer for people that like to follow along and code at the same time. It's fantastic. I was really hoping to win a free year.
Anyways, I loved it, it gave me the daily confidence boost in the morning that I needed, and most days I didn't find them as hard as leetcode. Here are my solutions:
1: Candies
2: Deposit Profit
3: Chunky Monkey
4: Century From Year
5: Reverse a String
6: Sort By Length
7: Count Vowel Consonant
8: Rolling Dice
--These DOM manipulating challenges took me forever. Learning React made me forget all of the basics. Good refresher--
9: Sum odd Fibonacci Numbers
10: Adjacent Elements Product
11: Avoid Obstacles
--I'll admit, I had to look this one up. I solved it myself, but the instructions were not very clear--
12: Valid Time
13: Extract Each Kth
14: Maximal Adjacent Difference
15: Javascript Carousel
16: Insert Dashes
17: Different symbols Naive
18: Array Previous Less
--This was another not quite clear instructions. Once I figured it out though it went pretty easy.--
19: Alphabet Subsequence
20: Domain Type
21: Sum of 2
--I think this actually is a leetcode problem--
22: Extract Matrix Column
23: Social Media Post
--I REALLY wanted to solve this one differently. Have it somehow count the characters in the textarea so Delete's and cuts would reflect in the remaining characters, but I couldn't figure it out. Keyboard input only I guess--
24: Test Your Agility

So have a happy #Javascriptmas, I'm kinda sad that it's over.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

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Alex Booker

Sounds like an absolute whirlwind of a year! Sincerely, great job! You're an inspiration.