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100 Days Of Data Science

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Hello Everyone!!

Given below is a list of what we have covered in the first 10 days of 100 days of #DataScience with Asquero (https://www.asquero.com).

Day1 - Determine the numeric and categorical attributes in the dataset - https://bit.ly/2XxkTr0

Day2 - Basic Statistical Descriptions of Data - Mean, Median, Mode & Midrange - https://bit.ly/3i88QIs

Day3 - Dispersion of Data: Range, Quartiles, Variance, Standard Deviation, and Interquartile Range - https://bit.ly/31pg3No

Day4 - Handling missing values in the dataset - https://bit.ly/3icx5W8

Day5 - Handling missing values using Pandas & Numpy | Python Programming - https://bit.ly/30tkuaQ

Day6 - Removing noise from the data using the Binning Technique | Pandas | Python Programming - https://bit.ly/3kitSG7

Day7 - Redundancy & Correlation Analysis in Data Science | Python Programming - https://bit.ly/3kcRWdz

Day8 - What is Data Reduction? | Dimensionality Reduction | Numerosity Reduction | Data Compression - https://bit.ly/2C1SUrZ

Day9 - Remove duplicate tuples (rows) from the dataset | Python Programming - https://bit.ly/3gIaCj2

Day10 - What are Outliers & What is Outlier Detection? - https://bit.ly/2Xvlh9u

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